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The future of technology and humans

The FUTURE is the theme of Arc Fusion’s first-ever magazine issue. Each issue will start with a live event that addresses a critical fusion issue and then incorporate talks, discussions, articles, videos, and insights into solutions.

theme 01
What policies, technologies, and discoveries give you hope or worry about where humans will be in 100 years?

Arc Fusion Magazine

theme 01
The Future
From the Publisher

From the Publisher

Dear Arc Fusion Community,

We are pleased to launch the first edition of Arc Fusion Magazine, Arc Fusion’s new online publication devoted to the emerging fusion of health, IT and biomedicine – and everything else. This is occurring in this new century as silos are busted and an over-preponderance of reductionist science and thinking is giving way to an age when innovations and technologies converge and specialties connect; and when the challenge for society will be to keep up – and to effectively absorb and integrate new technologies and possibilities in terms of business, politics, law, ethics, advocacy, media and the arts.

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Arc Fusion will select an important facet of this emerging convergence each quarter and offer it as a primary theme for our gatherings, and for this online publication. These themes will start with our greatest minds talking, discussing, arguing and generating fresh ideas and solutions at Arc Fusion live events (Check out our events held all over the world here). The Arc Fusion Magazine team curates content from these live events and augments it with articles, research, podcasts and Arc Fusion polls. We are also developing tools for you to conduct online discussions about our themes, and to leave comments and ideas.

In this inaugural issue of Arc Fusion Magazine we take on as our theme THE FUTURE, and ask what the future holds for humans and technology. The live event for this theme was held in San Francisco on April 21, 2015, in a 1890s mansion – the perfect place to discuss the future. Our speakers and contributors to Arc Fusion Magazine include entrepreneur and venture capitalist Vinod Khosla and famed lifestyle physician and researcher Dean Ornish in a discussion about where we are headed as humans.

Stanford Synthetic biologist Drew Endy; neuroscientist and entrepreneur Casey Lynch; and futurist James Cantor delivered Arc Fusion Talks. Ideo designer Rodrigo Martinez provided an imaginative leap into the year 2079, and famed virologist Una Ryan shared a visual arts exhibit that combined the micro and the macro – images from under microscope of human tissue fused with images of the Earth from outer space. Daniel Roumain played some breathtaking music on his violin, and gave a spoken word performance about his version of the future.

Our group of 70 fusion leaders then moved to several dinner tables spread throughout the mansion and ate an amazing meal created by underground dinner impresario Michael Hebb. Table Talk Leaders guided each guest in answering the Table Talk Question:

“What policies, technologies and discoveries give you hope or worry you about where humans will be in 100 years?"

Everyone stood up and gave their answer, followed by a discussion and ideas, which a scribe at each table wrote down. Excerpts are presented in the “Ideas” section of this publication. Answer our Table Talk Question yourself in our “Engage” section.

I’d like to thank Andrea Cross, Arc Fusion’s Executive Producer for Content, who oversaw and developed this site – and worked hard to edit and curate its content. Also, I deeply appreciate the hard work and brilliance of the rest of the Arc Fusion team – co-founder Stephen Petranek; Senior Vice President for Business Development Robin Farmanfarmaian; dinner producer Michael Hebb; web designer and creative force Kyle Sleeper of NowLabs; and graphics and content specialist Brian Leiter.

We also are deeply grateful to Arc Fusion's sponsors: Genentech; Medidata; Johnson and Johnson Innovations; AthenaHealth; GE; Deloitte; Morrison and Foerster; NowLabs; and Trefethen Winery. (By the way, Arc Fusion Magazine is an independent publication with complete editorial control over its content).

Enjoy this first issue of Arc Fusion Magazine – and help support us so that we can keep publishing, and holding Arc Fusion events. Let us know what you think.

Also – look for the launch of Arc Fusion’s new “Build” program to take action to further the fusion agenda, in partnership with IDEO. This program will take the talk and ideas from our themes and create working groups designed to find solutions to real life challenges and issues in this burgeoning Age of Fusion.

David Ewing Duncan and the Arc Fusion Team




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