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Reimaging Humans

Reimaging Humans

Arc Fusion Micro Summit
San Francisco
November 1, 2016

Reimaging Humans

Over 200 Arc Fusion leaders will join us for a brisk afternoon of talks, music, film, and a reception at the fabulous Exploritorium in SF. We will listen to top experts and thinkers talking in conversation about genetics, the brain, longevity, and more – plus music from the past and future, a video depicting the molecular wonder of the inner body, and a powerful talk by a young doctor who is dying of cancer. Look for videos and photographs and other materials on this gathering to appear after November 1, 2016.

Photo courtesy of Janet Sollod, MD.

Reimaging Humans

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Arc Fusion Talks



Janet Sollod,
On death…and Life

Joon Yun & David Sinclair,
on Longevity

David Ewing Duncan & Bruce MacGregor,
AI & Health

More videos to come:

Jamie Heywood and Paul Billings, on Genomics
Colleen Cutcliff and Larry Weiss, on the Microbiome
David Eagleman and Geoffrey Ling, On the Brain



Arc Fusion Photo Gallery