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Economist Jonathan Gruber, a key architect of Obamacare, talks about how the White House shaped the Affordable Care Act during Arc’s dinner on how to pay for healthcare.

Arc Custom Experiences

Arc Fusion

Arc Fusion has developed a unique process of convening experts and leaders to discuss pressing fusion issues – and to answering critical questions, tactical and strategic. We can work with you and your company or organization to design a gathering on a topic of your choosing.

We welcome the opportunity to tackle your biggest challenges together.

Arc Fusion held a custom dinner for Deloitte in Dallas, Texas, on the basics of fusion technologies.


Arc's process of addressing big questions and uncovering insights and recommendations is designed to lead to tangible solutions.


Arc can build you a custom website erected on the Arc Fusion digital platform – which captures conversations, talks and insights from an Arc Fusion custom gathering.


Arc can address your specific tactical and strategic questions

“Arc’s dinner for our client was different and insightful – they loved it. It was very different than your typical event, and got people thinking seriously about how to address change.”
- Managing Partner, Deloitte

We create unique dinner experiences, expert panels, and problem-solving processes for companies, agencies, nonprofits, investors, and other organizations.

What we do:

  1. We help you to identify critical tactical or strategic questions, issues or themes.

  2. We produce custom dinners or gatherings designed to optimize discussion and ideation around your question or theme.

  3. We invite experts and speakers to share their work and lead discussions, brainstorm sessions, and workshops to unpack and ideate around what we hear.

  4. We capture and record new ideas, thoughts, and contents shared during the gatherings on a custom website using the Arc Fusion Magazine platform that includes videos, articles, and podcasts. (Per request, this can also include further research and materials on your question or theme).

Find out more about Arc

Contact info@arcprograms.net to find out more about a custom Arc experience.