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The Arc + IDEO Partnership



“I keep going to meetings where speakers and discussions inspire me. Then the meeting is over, and nothing happens. What if we had a meeting where the “what happens now” is actually answered by real action – and that action is being engineered by one of the greatest design firms in the world?”

- Paul Saffo, Author and Futurist


Arc Fusion and IDEO are partnering to reimagine how we discuss, integrate, and create for the emerging fusion of health, IT, and biomedicine. We transform talk into action – new tools, systems, products, business models, services, ecosystems, and even policy initiatives. Arc + IDEO does this by combining Arc Fusion’s power to convene leaders and to generate ideas with IDEO’s unique expertise in humanizing technology and designing complex systems.

IDEO’s Rodrigo Martinez leads an Arc table discussion in Boston with Harvard geneticist George Church and others about how to translate data into wisdom

Societal Projects:

Arc + IDEO addresses big ecosystem, infrastructure and societal issues arising out of the fusion of health, IT and biomedicine. Key leaders come together over dinner and have a discussion with a carefully curated list of guests representing varying points of view. A cross-disciplinary team from Arc and IDEO synthesizes the discussion into opportunities and ideas that offer potential for impact.

The output of this partnership starts with capturing and preserving conversations and ideas and publishing them on the Arc Fusion Magazine platform ( We also create a framework for further exploration of the subject that details insights and recommendations.

This framework will form the basis of further collaboration towards design and development of specific solutions and business models between Arc + IDEO and key companies, organizations, and partners.

Custom Projects:

Arc + IDEO can address specific tactical and strategic questions for any and all organizations, including businesses, advocacy, government agencies, media, or venture. Arc + IDEO holds small dinners and expert sessions to discuss your questions and develop solutions around systems, products, investments, marketing and policies that can then be explored and developed alongside IDEO.

Arc + IDEO: Four-Steps

Arc + IDEO work in stages that flow into each other, and can be adapted to a specific topic or need.


We start with an urgent question or a theme.
What is a critical question that society needs to address?
What is it that your organization wants to explore?


We start by holding an Arc Fusion dinner to explore the question or theme we have collaboratively selected.

These provocative evenings convene key leaders in health, IT, biomedicine, and other fields who are vital to the conversation. Alongside the discussion, there may be cutting-edge talks by experts, plus music, dance, or theater to prime the senses for a deep-dive, multi-disciplinary conversation.

Jeffersonian Dinners
Inspired by U.S. President Thomas Jefferson - who liked to solve problems over a meal with smart people - attendees are divided into small tables where Table Talk Leaders guide conversations.

IDEO and Arc Fusion
At each table, a member of the IDEO team will be present to help facilitate, guide, and capture the ensuing conversation; this can take the form of content, behavior, or observational notes. These materials will later be referenced for the Inform and Build phases of the process.


The Arc + IDEO team synthesizes the conversations from the convening, gathers feedback as needed, and develops key insights that stem from the conversations.

Arc Fusion Magazine
A key output from the dinner is the Arc Fusion Magazine ( Arc Fusion assembles key thinkers and writers to craft and produce an issue of the Arc Fusion Magazine for each dinner with themes and questions to reflect key moments and insights. These takeaways can be used to continue the conversation beyond the dinner.

Follow-Up Gathering
2-3 weeks after the initial dinner, the Arc + IDEO Team will assemble a small group from the original dinner to continue the conversation and to provoke feedback from the initial set of insights and recommendations from the Art + IDEO Team.

Armed with feedback, Arc + IDEO will organize, iterate and refine concepts and solutions to launch the Build phase.


Framework for Action
Arc + IDEO will take the learnings from the Convene and Inform phases to create a framework of insights and recommendations. These may include new products or companies; reimagined systems and protocols; integrating and optimizing new ideas and technologies; and addressing societal needs and the requirements of underserved populations.

Tangible Solutions
Arc + IDEO will work directly with clients and members of the fusion community to prototype and activate recommendations from the framework into implementable solutions. We look forward to continuing the rich and engaging conversations from the gathering into systemic solutions that create positive impact.



IDEO (pronounced “eye-dee-oh”) is an award-winning global design firm that takes a human-centered, design-based approach to helping organizations in the public and private sectors innovate and grow. We identify new ways to serve and support people by uncovering latent needs, behaviors, and desires. We envision new companies and brands, and we design the products, services, spaces, and interactive experiences that bring them to life. We help organizations build creative culture and the internal systems required to sustain innovation and launch new venture.

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