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Arc addresses a range of critical issues facing the fusion of health, IT and biomedicine – and everything else 

Arc convenes leaders in the fusion space around pressing themes, providing speakers, ideas, and discussions designed to inspire and provoke you. We follow up these themes with a rich offering of media (video, audio, print, polls, research, interactive projects) posted on our website and in each issue of our digital publication – the Arc Fusion Magazine.

Each issue is devoted to a theme that starts with our live events. Our partner Ideo takes many of our themes to the next step to synthesize and ideate comments and ideas and develop recommendations and reports that can be acted on by the Arc community. (See The Arc Way for more information).

Send us your idea for a theme at andrea@arcprograms.net


Past Themes

2016 Themes 

Future Themes


Past Arc Gatherings and Themes

MONEY: Are we insane? The cost of healthcare and how to pay for the future | Boston: October 22, 2015

THE FUTURE: of humans and technology | San Francisco: April 21, 2015

INNOVATION: Should we build a better human? |  San Francisco: May 1, 2014

BIG DATA: Biobabel: Too much data, too little understanding? |  Boston: October 7, 2014

LONGEVITY: The science of radical life extension and what happens if it succeeds? | London: December 3, 2014 

FUSION 101: How to smash silos and truly integrate health, IT, and biomedicine | New York: September 18, 2014 

THE BRAIN: Can neurogames treat aging brains? | San Francisco: September 16, 2014 

LONGEVITY: The science of radical life extension and what happens if it succeeds? | Summit-at-Sea (Bahamas): November 17, 2015 

2016 Gatherings and Themes


Fusion 101: A primer in the fusion of health, I.T., and biomedicine | Dallas: April 4, 2016

A.I.: The machines are arriving, now what should we ask them to learn? | San Francisco and Palo Alto: May 18, 2016

THE BODY POLITIC: Is government good for our health? | Washington, DC: Fall, 2016 

LIFE IS STRANGE: The promise of fusion in health | San Francisco: November 1, 2016
 – a one-day summit sponsored by Genentech

OUTCOMES: Stop talking about data and use it! How fusion can make us healthier  | New York, 2016

Other gatherings pending. Subject to Change.

Future Arc Gatherings and Themes


PREDICTIONS: Can fusion predict the future of disease – and health? 

MICROBIOME: Bugs everywhere: are they the key to disease?

ERRORS: Mistakes that hurt: using new tech to fix errors that should never happen

INVESTING: Let’s admit it: investments in biomedicine often fail. Why, and does this have to happen?

GENE EDITING: The perils and promise of rewriting life’s code 

SPACE: How can Humans, so fragile, travel to the stars? 

PRECISION MEDICINE: What’s real, and what’s hype?

COST: How to blow a trillion dollars: Why is health care in the US so damn expensive?