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Arc Fusion Dinners and micro Summits

Arc Fusion Events

"I don't know what will happen tonight, where we'll go, and I think that's part of its attraction, it's that it's an open ended gathering, bringing a lot of minds together. It's a good question that we're asking ourselves.”

~ Kevin Kelly, Author of What Does Technology Want

We convene top scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, artists, and doers to explore the frontiers of health, IT, and biomedicine

Since launching in May 2014 Arc Fusion has held nine events in six cities on two continents (and on board a ship). Over 600 leaders have joined us for unique evenings of talk, discussion, debate, and problem-solving – plus exceptional meals, wine, and arts and science programs.

Arc Fusion guests include leaders and thinkers from health, IT, biomedicine, business, law, policy, advocacy, the media and the arts.

incredible speakers; arts offerings; fascinating guests; fusion talks and events

“Great evening, fabulous company, delicious food, enlightening topic.”

– Steve Gullans, Excel Venture Management




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