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Press Release 01

Arc Fusion launches new website and the first issue of Arc Fusion Magazine, focusing on the fusions of health, IT and biomedicine, and how fusion impacts society and the future

Magazine - Issue 01: The Future of Humans and Technology

SAN FRANCISCO, May 17, 2016: Arc Fusion is pleased to announce the launch of a new website (www.arcfusion.org) and a new digital magazine (www.arcfusionmagazine.com) dedicated to accelerating the fusion of health, IT and biomedicine, and how it impacts society and the future.

The website and magazine highlight Arc Fusion’s mission to CONVENE key leaders in unique and provocative gatherings around critical “fusion” issues; INFORM by capturing conversations and ideas generated at our gatherings; and BUILD creative solutions, frameworks for taking action, and tangible projects to effect change.

“Arc is setting out to disrupt the hell out of the things I care most about”, said Jamie Heywood, co-founder of PatientsLikeMe and a member of Arc Fusion’s Board of Advisors.

Arc Fusion has gathered a growing community of leaders not only in health, IT, and biomedicine, but also in other facets of society that need to be engaged to make fusion real – in policy, business, finance, academia, law, advocacy, the media, and the arts.

Arc Fusion Website

The arcfusion.org site features in-depth coverage of each of our nine past gatherings on a variety of “fusion” themes, from the cost of healthcare to the future of humans and technology – with talks by major thought leaders and comments and ideas captured at these meetings and featured on the site and in the new Arc Fusion Magazine. The site is replete with videos, articles, podcasts, and information – and plans for future gatherings and projects.

“What Arc is articulating is critical, it’s a key part of the future, that’s why I’m here,” said investor and author Juan Enriquez, a member of the Arc Fusion Board of Advisors.

Arc Fusion is working with the international design firm IDEO to synthesize and execute on ideas and solutions generated during our gatherings and discussions – more on the Arc + IDEO project here.

“We are incredibly excited to be offering up a true labor of love,” said David Ewing Duncan, Arc Fusion CEO and Curator, “a new organization, and a new website that is turning the great ideas we hear at the best meetings we attend and turning them into real projects that will change our future.”

The site’s new web address is: www.arcfusion.org

Arc Fusion Magazine: Issue 01

Arc Fusion is “fusing” live events - and the amazing conversations, talks, and ideas they generate around critical fusion themes - into a unique media platform we call the Arc Fusion Magazine.

Issue 01 was generated based on ideas, talks and conversations that emerged from the 2015 San Francisco Arc Fusion Dinner, where the theme was: “THE FUTURE: Of humans and technology”. Speakers included Dean Ornish, Vinod Khosla, Drew Endy, Casey Lynch, Rodrigo Martinez, and James Canton.

The interactive digital magazine enables participants to “Read” – articles; “Watch” – videos; “Listen” – audio clips, radio excerpts, and podcasts; “Respond” – interactive surveys and get results; and “Think”: articles, short stories, poems and more from original thinkers on each issue’s theme.

The new magazine’s address: www.arcfusionmagazine.com

See additional press releases for the website and magazine for more details.

About Arc Fusion

Arc Fusion assembles key leaders to engage in dialogue and action-oriented projects around the fusion of health, IT, and biomedicine - and everything else. Arc Fusion convenes unique gatherings around the world that address critical fusion themes and challenges, captures the ideas and insights generated, and works with our partner IDEO to build tangible projects around recommendations and insights.

For more information contact

Andrea Cross, Arc Fusion, andrea@arcprograms.net or
Lisa Rivero, Feinstein Kean Healthcare, lisa.rivero@fkhealth.com

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