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Arc Fusion FAQ

Arc Fusion FAQ

What is Arc Fusion?

Arc Fusion’s mission is to CONVENE key leaders in unique gatherings around critical “fusion” issues; INFORM direction and stimulate action by capturing conversations and ideas generated at our gatherings; and BUILD creative, viable solutions and tangible projects to effect change.

What is the Arc Fusion Magazine?

Arc Fusion is “fusing” live events - and the amazing conversations, talks, and ideas they generate around critical fusion themes - into a unique media platform we call the Arc Fusion Magazine. Issue 01 was generated based on themes emerging from a live event in 2015, a San Francisco Arc Fusion Dinner, where the theme was: “THE FUTURE: Of humans and technology”. Speakers included Dean Ornish, Vinod Khosla, Drew Endy, Casey Lynch, Rodrigo Martinez, and James Canton.

The interactive digital magazine enables participants to “Read” – articles; “Watch” – videos; “Listen” – to podcasts; “Poll” – take interactive surveys; and “Originals” – original articles, short stories, poems and more from original thinkers on our topics.

What are some of the themes that Arc has covered?

Since Arc Fusion launched in the Spring of 2014 a variety of themes have been covered during our events and in the Arc Fusion Magazine. These include:

MONEY: Are we insane? The cost of healthcare and how to pay for the future
THE FUTURE: of humans and Technology
INNOVATION: Should we build a better human?
LONGEVITY: The science of radical life extension and what happens if it succeeds
FUSION 101: How to smash silos and truly integrate health, IT, and biomedicine
THE BRAIN: Can neurogames treat aging brains?
A.I. and HEALTH: The machines are arriving, now what should they learn?

What is a Jeffersonian dinner?

Since launching in the spring of 2014 Arc Fusion has held dinners in five cities on two continents (and on board a ship). Over 600 leaders have joined us for unique evenings of talk, discussion, debate, and problem-solving – plus exceptional meals, wine, and arts and science programs.

A Jeffersonian dinner is exactly that – dinners structured in the same spirit that Thomas Jefferson held dinners at Monticello. They are opportunities to bring people together from different but complimentary backgrounds to discuss a key concept or provocative idea. Passionate conversations occur and new networks form. Everyone is asked to participate and respond to the question of the evening to the entire table.

Does Arc Fusion have a Board of Advisors?

Our community of leaders starts with a Board of Advisors that includes David Agus, Sunny Bates, Brook Byers, George Church, Juan Enriquez, Daniel Kraft, Jamie Heywood, Marc Hodosh, Lee Hood, Vinod Khosla, John Mattison, Dean Ornish, Paul Saffo, Gillian Sandler, and Sue Siegel. For more on our advisors go here.

Who would benefit from being part of the Arc Fusion Community?

Arc Fusion welcomes participation from leaders in the communities of health, IT and biomedicine along with artists, musicians, investors, politicians and others interested and involved in the themes that Arc Fusion is tackling and the dialogue which comes from those interactions.

Can I work with Arc Fusion to create an event for my company?

Yes. Arc Fusion puts together dinners, expert panels, and problem-solving processes for companies, agencies, nonprofits, investors, and other organizations to create a custom experience. For more information contact robin@arcprograms.net